Our services

From consulting to support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.


For every entrepreneur, finances are the backbone of the company and are therefore a must. If the finances are not up to date and in order, financial planning and looking ahead is a mission impossible.

AB Total Finance provides you;

-accounting that is always up to date,

-24/7 access to your own financial dashboard

-financial reporting(s).

Tax filing

Every entrepreneur has to deal with taxes.

AB Total Finance takes care of your;

-vat filings

-income tax

-corporate tax.

a close up of a typewriter with a tax heaven sign on it
a close up of a typewriter with a tax heaven sign on it
Payroll administration

When you employ staff as an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with various financial, tax and legal matters. Payroll administration is a precise activity and can take a lot of time. AB Total Finance can also provide this service to you. This in accordance with the annual changes in legislation and regulations (fiscal, social, collective labor agreement, etc.).

AB Total Finance provides you;

-the payslips per employee,

-the payment lists,

-the wage statements,

-the pension declaration,

-the payroll tax return,

-the annual statements,

-the collective wage statements,

-the payroll journal entries,

-access to a secure portal in which employees can be added and payroll files can be viewed.

Annual accounts

The annual accounts are the capstone of your accounting that provide insight into your results and your financial position.

In addition to a financial statement, the annual account are a source of information about your company.

The figures in your annual account therefore function as management information and enables you to make well-founded decisions.


Concentration on the core business and the drive to save money mean that more and more organizations are taking the path of outsourcing or insourcing.

There are various degrees of sourcing: complete outsourcing (outsourcing), partial outsourcing (co-sourcing) or bringing the necessary expertise in-house (in-sourcing).

AB Total Finance offers a number of benefits in the field of outsourcing and insourcing.

-Cheaper. Permanent staff is on your payroll. We do not.

-Flexibility. You pay per service requested, instead of having people on the payroll.

-No long-term contracts. You determine how long you want to use our services.

-We calculate the outsourcing/insourcing costs for you and compare them with the costs you incur when you hire permanent staff.